Who is Freya?

Who is Freya?

Freya is a Norse goddess. Depending on what sources you read, she is the goddess of fertility, prophecy, love, beauty, sensuality, attraction, war and/or wealth. She is also the goddess of the sky and thus responsible for the sun, the clouds, rain and crops. She led the Valkyries on her boar Hildisvin or in her carriage pulled by two cats the size of lions. When she reached the battlefield, she had the right to claim half of the fallen warriors to live with her in her hall Sessrumnir. She often invited the wives or lovers of the fallen heroes to join their mates in her home.

Freya's beauty was purported to be so great that all of the Vanir Norse gods wished to sleep with her. Her beauty garnered her the Brosingamen necklace from four dwarves. Most sources state she slept with them in order to obtain it. Among her other possessions are a cloak made of hawk/eagle feathers that allows the wearer to turn into any bird, travel between worlds, or around the world at great speed.

She was the daughter of Njord and the sister of Freyr. Her husband was the god Od, whom many believe to be Odin, the chief Norse god. When her husband died, it is said she cried tears of gold. As she could pass between the worlds with her feather cloak, she was able to visit him in Valhalla.

Freya was not afraid of her sexual appetites and is said to have slept with enough men, gods, and other beings to make Aphrodite/Venus' conquests pale in comparison. Her appreciation of the physical aspects of life extended beyond sex. She loved music, flowers, and spring.

Due to her many attributes, Freya was a popular goddess to worship. When Christianity gained in strength, in a bid to discourage worship of Freya, the Church protrayed her as a witch. As time passed, she became the stereotype of a witch and her cats a witch's familiar.

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