Q: What is an eBook?
A: An eBook is an electronic book. You can download eBooks to your personal computer or a handheld reading device.

Q: Why would I want to buy an eBook?
A: eBooks are usually less expensive than print books. You don't have to leave your home to purchase an eBook, they are better for the environment (no paper or ink used to create them), they never fade or fall apart, and you can carry your entire eBook library wherever you take your laptop, reader, or PDA.

Q: Do you sell print books?
Yes. We have a few titles in print. You can find Wild Child's print titles under the Books in Print link located on the left-hand side of any page under categories. Freya's Bower's print titles are located under categories on the left-hand side of any page under the Books link.

Q: How are Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower titles different?
Wild Child Publishing publishes all genres except erotica. Freya's Bower publishes all genres of erotica and romance. You must be 18 years of age to purchase erotica.

Q: How do I purchase an eBook?
A: In order to purchase an eBook, you need to register first. Registration is free. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Q: How do I register?
A: You can either make your selections first and register when checking out or you can follow the "Log In" link located at the top left-hand corner of all pages first before browsing our site.

Q: Where can I access my library?
A: Your library is available at all times from anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection. Just sign into your account and follow the My Account link located in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage.

Q: Is my personal information secure?
A: Yes. Your information will never be sold to another party. We have Secure Socket Layer security on our website. All information is encrypted during transmission. Our web-hot has virus protection, firewalls, intrusion detection scanners, and 24-hour monitoring.

Q: Why do I need to enter my credit card or PayPal account information every time I make a purchase?
A: We do not store this information as a security measure. Although unlikely to happen, we want to ensure the safety of your payment information should our site ever be hacked.

Q: How do I search your catalogue to find the books I want to buy?
A: On the left side of the page you will find a list of categories. Once a category is selected, you can browse the titles. You can also browse by length or heat level.

Q: Can I reset or change my password?
A: Yes. If you've forgotten your password, click on the log in, then click on the "Forgot username/password" link located below the login area. A new temporary password will be emailed to you. You'll need to copy and paste that password into the password field to access your account.

Sign in, and then go to the My Account link in the upper left-hand corner. Under My Account, you will see the option to change your password.

Q: How do I know which format to purchase?

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is the recommended choice for Macintosh, Windows PC, Sony Reader, or Windows Tablet. You can download the free Adobe Reader here.
MS Reader (LIT) is the best choice for Pocket PC or if you want to read on both your Windows PC and Pocket PC. You can download MS Reader here. MS Reader will not work on a Apple Macintosh computer unless you are running Parallels or an equivalent program.
HTML is the recommended choice for Linux/Unix Computer, Franklin E-Bookman, eBookwise-1150, or Hiebook readers.
Mobipocket (PRC or MOBI) is the best choice for Kindle, Windows CE, Handheld PC, Palm OS device, Pocket PC or an EPOC device. You can download Mobipocket here.
Open eBook (ePub) is the recommended choice for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users. You can download Stanza or Calibre, which will allow you to reach eBooks on your desktop (MAC or PC), iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad here. We also recommend ePub for all Android users in conjunction with Aldiko. This format also is recommended for the Nook and all Sony Readers.
If we do not have the book you wish to purchase in one of these formats, please use our Contact Us page. This link is located on the left-hand side of any page under Information.

Q: Are your books encrypted?
A: We do not encrypt our books.

Q: How can I transfer books onto my iPhone or iPod Touch?
A: There are a variety of ways to get your eBooks onto your iPhone or iPod touch, depending on the eBook reader you have installed.

  1. Direct download
    Wild Child Publishing/Freya's Bower does not offer direct download at this time.
  2. Transferring eBooks from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. (All of the applications listed below are free and downloadable via the iTunes App Store.)

    Sharing using Stanza

    The Stanza Desktop application is free. It works on Apple Macintosh and Windows computers. You can download it at http://download.lexcycle.com.

    (a) Launch Stanza Desktop. (b) Go to File->Open, and open a book or document in one of the formats supported by Stanza. (c) Go to the "Tools" menu, and ensure that the "Enable Sharing" menu item is checked. (d) Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network that your PC is on. (e) Launch Stanza on your iPhone. (f) From the top-level library menu, select "Shared Books". You should see your computer name. Select it. (g) Stanza Desktop will then notify you that your iPhone is attempting to connect to your shared library, and request your permission to allow the connection. (h) Once you have granted permission, Stanza iPhone will display a list of books that are open in Stanza Desktop. (i) Tap on the book to download it Stanza on your iPhone. It will appear in Titles and Recent Downloads.

    If you run into problems with sharing, please refer to http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/troubleshooting_sharing for common solutions to issues that users may encounter.

    Sharing into your iBooks reader using Calibre

    (a) Download Calibre onto your desktop (available for free at http://www.calibre-ebook.com/).This program works on Apple Macintosh, PC, and Linux machines. (b) Launch Calibre desktop. (c) Open iTunes. (d) Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad using the USB cord to your desktop/laptop. (e) If the book is not already loaded in Calibre, add the book to your Calibre library by clicking on the "Add Book" link in the upper left-hand corner and browsing your computer for the file. (f) Once this is done, in the toolbar, you will see the Send to Device icon. If the file is not ePub format, Calibre will convert to ePub. However, the converted file may have typos resulting from the conversion process. If a book is not in the ePUB format and you that is the one you want to purchase, please contact us through our Contact Us link found on the left-hand navigation links under Information.

Q: Can I read PDFs on my iPad, iPhone and iPod?
A: You can email a PDF to iPads, iPhones and iPods and read the eBook in your iBooks reader or Stanza, but you will not be able to control font size nor read it sideways on your iPad.

Q: Can I read Wild Child Publishing/Freya's Bower titles via my Kindle app on my iPad, iPhone, computer, or iPod?
Only if you purchase our titles through Amazon can you read them with your Kindle app. The Kindle app will not read files from any other distributor.

Q: Can I transfer Wild Child Publishing or Freya's Bower titles onto my Kindle?
A: Yes. There are three ways to get your purchases onto your Kindle:

  1. Download the file (either MOBI, PRC, or PDF) onto your computer. Plug your Kindle into your computer. Your computer will see your Kindle as a disc. You will have to unlock your device if you have it password protected before you do this.
    1. For Mac:
      1. Plug your Kindle into your Mac.
      2. Click on the Kindle under the list of devices on the left hand side of your Finder window.
      3. You will see a folder titled Documents. This is where you want the Kindle files to go.
      4. Now, click once on the eBook file and drag it to your Kindle folder titled documents.
      5. Once done, eject your Kindle and go to your Kindle Home screen. You should see your eBooks there.
    2. For PC:
      1. Plug your Kindle into you PC.
      2. Go to the Start menu and choose My Computer.
      3. The My Computer folder will pop up. In here, you will find the Kindle under Devices with Removable Storage. If you don't see it right away, give it a second. It needs to detect the "new" hardware.
      4. Double click. This opens the Kindle drive.
      5. You will see some folders. Open the one titled "documents". This is the folder where you will put your file(s).
      6. Now, click once on the eBook file and drag it to that Kindle folder titled documents.
      7. Once done, unplug your Kindle and go to your Kindle Home screen. You should see your eBooks there.
  2. If the book is available in non-secure PDF, MOBI, PRC, or HTML. The Kindle will not accept secure (DRM) books transferred from a 3rd party retailer or uploaded by a consumer. If you are purchasing from our website, you will need to download the eBook onto your computer and email it to your Kindle. (Note: Amazon charges a small fee for this service.)
    1. To white list Wild Child and Freya's Bower, log in to your Kindle account on Amazon and add our addresses to your "kindle approved e-mail." You should add both @wildchildpublishing.com and @freyasbower.com, if you intend on purchasing books from both sites. Do not put a username in front of the @ sign. This will help to ensure that any email from our domain that you trigger will get through.

    If you need additional help establishing your Kindle email address and white listing emails for your Kindle account, you can find step-by-step instructions from Amazon here.

  3. Or you can use Amazon's free Send to Kindle app.

Q: Do you have a discount program?
A: No. However, we do run sales. To stay up-to-date with sales, you can join our weekly newsletters here:

Wild Child Publishing: https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72294
Freya's Bower: https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72253

Q: How many sales do you run a year?
A: Usually between four and five sales a year.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: No. We will, however, replace any damaged files.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Click on the contact link that appears at the bottom of every page on the website and complete the form.

Q: Can I review the eBooks that I read?
A: Yes. You must be signed in to do so. Go to the eBook you wish to review, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the "write a review" button. To prevent abuse, all reviews will take a few days to show up.

Q: What if I find a great eBook that I know a friend would love? Is there a way for me to share that information?
A. Yes, there is a "Tell a Friend" button on every eBook detail page that enables you to email pages to your friends. Our website does not store those e-mail addresses, so your friends will never receive future e-mail solicitations as a result.

Q: Do you have a gift certificate program?
A: Yes! We have gift certificates that you can purchase for friends.

Q: I recently experienced a hard-drive crash and lost my eBooks. Can I download them again?
A: Yes. You can download any of your purchases up to 15 times for 300 days. Should your crash happen after this time, please contact us through the Contact Us link. Like all of the valuable content on your computer, your eBook library should be backed up.

Q: I would like to get your newsletter. How do I sign up?
A: You can join our weekly newsletters here:

Wild Child Publishing: https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72294
Freya's Bower: https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72253

Q: What if I need to update my email address or other information?
A: You can edit your account information at any time by logging in and then selecting the My Account link at the top left-hand corner of any page.

Q: Do you store credit card information?
A: No. We do not store credit card information.

Q: Can I share my eBooks with others?
A: No. All of the content on Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower is protected by copyright and should not be copied without permission. Re-use or re-distribution of any and all materials is prohibited under law.

Q: Can I purchase eBooks through the mail or over the phone?
A: No. All purchases must be made online.

Q: Can I pay for eBooks with a check?
A: Sorry, no. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal only.

Q: How is pricing determined?
A: By word count.

Q: Can you explain your "heat" rating system?
A: Freya's Bower's novel ratings are available here: http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=4 For future reference, you can also find this link under Important Links on the left-hand side of any page on the website.

Q: Are you titles available through other websites?
Yes. Our titles can be found at the following retailers: 1 Romance eBooks, All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Apple (we are slowly uploading our catalog here), Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Fictionwise, Mobipocket, and OmniLit.