Freya's -- The Oath: Book 2: Summoned excerpt

The Oath: Book 2: Summoned

Copyright © 2009 Adrianne Brennan

All rights reserved, Freya's Bower.

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“If this woman is a worthy vessel, the ritual will be met with success,” intoned the initiator. His laser-like stare hit Lila’s eyes, and she tried not to flinch.

“If not...then this initiation will end, and the woman will be cast away from this place, never to return.”

She gulped. I guess that this is it, then. The moment of truth.

“With the kiss of the five-pointed star, I anoint the prima materia that she may become a living altar for our most holy rite.” He knelt onto one knee before her. Bending over her, his mouth grazed her right breast. With great deliberateness, the initiator kissed her left hip, then her right.

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