Freya\'s -- Dragon Queen: Book One: Mating Call, fantasy erotica excerpt

An Excerpt from: Dragon Queen: Book One: Mating Call

Copyright © 2006 Emily Ryan-Davis

All rights reserved, Freya's Bower.

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Careless of broken glass and bare feet, Cora ran to grab the phone. "Ma, something's watching me," she panted into the receiver.

"That's me, and now I have to get another inroad since you broke the first one. You really shouldn't wear black, darling. I know it's touted as the in thing and some fashion moguls swear that blondes look best in black, but it makes you look washed out. Don't you have anything blue?"

"You?" Cora choked. "That's what it feels like when you're watching someone? My god..." Miranda drew a sharp breath and Cora added hastily, "...dess. You scared me to death! Don't do that again!"

"You never tell me anything. I have to keep an eye on you somehow," Miranda huffed. "Right now you have bigger problems. That circle is far too small, not to mention too thin, to contain two dragons. What were you thinking? Where is your sister? I knew you could do it, you know, it was just a matter of coming into your own and finding your goddess. We'll have a party to celebrate your newfound power."

Cora shelved the spying issue for another day and asked, "What do you mean, two dragons? What do you mean, too small? Diane's with her girlfriend."

"I thought she was seeing somebody named Richard?"

"That was ages ago. She's been with Alissa for at least a year."

"You girls never tell me anything."

"Ma, can we focus? Dragons in my living room? Not even my living room."

"Well, it's not unusual, or even unexpected. We all call them eventually. I'm surprised you've summoned one before Diane, to be perfectly honest. She's so much more attuned than you are."

Cora couldn't believe what she was hearing. She didn't know where to start asking questions, either, and she wondered at the wisdom of keeping her mother on the phone instead of calling Diane.

"Oh my," Miranda said. "You should see this, Cora. Doesn't Diane have a cordless phone?"

Cora felt panic welling up in her stomach. "See what? I don't know."

"See these two battling for dominance in that little circle. Darling, I understand you're confused and frightened, but you can't leave them to their own devices. They'll tear one another apart."

She went to the door and opened it far enough to press her cheek against the jamb and peek through the crack. "Damn it," she swore into the phone. "I can't see anything from the bedroom."

"Well, trust me, it's rather remarkable. One is red, the other is white. I'll need to review my dragon lore to figure out what the colors represent. Oh my," she said again.

"What am I supposed to do?" Cora hissed into the phone.

"Traditionally, you're supposed to, well, you know. Mate with it. But of course nobody expects you to mate with two of them. There's been some mistake."

Cora closed the door firmly, went back to the bed, and hung up on her mother. Before the phone could ring again, she dialed Diane's cell phone.

"I have a pair of dragons trapped in your circle, and Ma is telling me I have to fuck them. Could you come home please?" she said before Diane had a chance to talk.

"I'll be right there." The phone went dead.

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